While Dubai was awesome, a family vacation to Jamaica (no weh like yaad)  was well needed! As you know school’s out and my wife and I wanted to do something for the children’s summer break. My daughter (Ja Naya) decided for our family vacation because she wanted to go back to Jamaica. This was our first time going on a family vacation with the entire family including my in-laws. Our vacation started off crazy with some hiccups at the airport (check my twitter feed), thankfully the universe was on our side.

The girls had a blast! Or in the word of my eldest baby girl( Janaya), it was awesome! Jhada was definitely living her best life; Janaya made a song from this. Jamaica could not have been better. They couldn’t get enough of the beach, pool, lazy river,  buffet, room service, jerk chicken, and numerous kids activities

must say This was a really (emphasis on really ) a great vacation! My wife by my side( love you times infinity ) my girls, and my family what more could I have asked for. I’ve decided to upload more photos and Videos than I do for each blog post in order to share the excitement and for the people in the back who hates reading. 





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