By now if your on my Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed, myself my wife and my travel buddies (Kerry, Jodes Boo, Baddie and Jrod) decided to fly across the Indian ocean ( we still haven’t been across the Pacific ?), to a destination I have been wanting to go since 2010. This trip was everything, our plan was to go to Dubai and live the Dubai lifestyle; the yacht, nightlife, the expensive cars, spending “Arab money” and of course experience the culture to the fullest. 

Our trip started off by visiting the Emirates mall which we did skiing and snowboarding, this was well needed because Dubai’s heat was no joke. Besides the fact that it was very hot we still managed to have a great time. On the second day, we went tot he Arabian Safari Desert where we rode the Dunes and got a full tour of the desert, rode the camel and ride ATVs. The next day,  we went skydiving which is a must do when you go to Dubai, nothing is more beautiful than overlooking one of the worlds best skylines according to Right after skydiving we rented a yacht (again experiencing the culture to the fullest) to continue our turn up; we sailed from the dock which was located right outside our hotel and we partied on the yacht for about 3-4hrs then we anchored for about 15 mins to take a swim and to view the skyline from the ocean. 

Following that day we decided to go purchase gold at the Gold Souk, this in itself was another experience, picture going to a flea market except here they sell pure gold and more gold. On that same day later that night we went to the Dubai Aquarium, which is located at the Dubai Mall ( Largest Mall in the World), we wanted to scuba dive with sharks but because of Dubai traffic we were late (but hey! everything happens for a reason).

We then decided to take it a little easy the following day where we went to Abu Dhabi (UAE Capital) to get a tour of the city and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is the largest mosque in the entire United Arab Emirates. This too is a must do when you get to UAE, it is a huge part of their culture and this means a lot to the people; so be mindful of what you say and also you will have to dress a certain way in order to enter into the mosque. We did a lot of activities in that short time and we enjoyed every bit of it. I promised myself that my blog post will not exceed 3 mins read so I have compiled a video of what we did while we were in Dubai enjoy!


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