Traveling has become “a thing” today, and we all know that one friend on our Instagram timeline who takes more trips that you can dream about. Traveling can seem like an impossible luxury for us young adults. But with careful planning and research, your next trip could be more inexpensive than you think.

Create a Budget

The first step in this process is to create a budget, you must figure out how much you are willing to spend. When making the budget, keep in mind that there are other expenses beyond flights and hotels, these include entertainment, meals (if not all-inclusive) and shopping. Once the budget has been established, try saving some money from each paycheck until you reach your goal, says Jeana Salman, a CFP at Delta Community Credit Union.

You’ll enjoy your trip so much more if you can pay for it from savings instead of acquiring debt

Book Smart 👨🏾‍💻

Booking smart is all about staying within your budget and book where you will not have to spend a penny over. I for one love to book all-inclusive hotel resorts, this is a very smart way of staying within your budget and still have a good time. Most all-inclusive hotels once you check in you pay nothing for the remainder of your stay.

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Be Flexible

Flexibility is essential when looking for inexpensive travel. Although you may want to travel at a certain time in the year, you have to be open to the reality that those dates may not work for your budget. Try to book travel during the off-season and on weekdays; according to travel research flights and hotel are cheapest when booked at these times.

1. No Pork for me 🐖

If you guess that I’m Jewish, then your wrong . I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist which that is one of the many things I couldn’t eat as a SDA. Don’t get me wrong I have had pork before but this has got to be more than 20 years ago.

2. First Child to be a girl 👧🏽

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted my first child to be a girl. The truth behind that; “daddy’s girl” is a real thing. Girls are always closer to their father and I believe girls who have a really good relationship with their father tends to handle stress better. *, see reference here.

3. Always Wanted to be an Actor 🎬

Come on if you were an 80s baby like myself I’m sure you wanted to be an actor as well. I always saw myself as a funny person and always thought how cool it would be to start in my own sitcom.

4. Bought My first house before 30 🏡

Three of my lifelong goals were to be married, have children and buy my first house at 30. As I’m writing this, I’m smiling, only because, writing this post it really just hit me that I have achieved all these goals already. I say this all the time that I love to inspire people in any way I can no matter what the situation is if I can do this no tell what you can do. 

5. Hate doing dishes 🍽

Please tell me I am not weird for this, I am declaring this once more… I HATE WASHING DISHES!

As some of you guys know, I celebrated my 29th birthday this past year (Dec. 24th). there was so much to do and right after my bday, of course, there was Christmas, which is why it took me so many weeks later to actually make this post.
I Had so much fun on my bday all my close friends and a few family members were able to make it, it was nothing big; if you know me I’m not so big on the birthday celebration, usually, I just chill or go out to eat. Shantel decided to throw this together and it turned out really great. Eat food did some dancing and my friends know that when you come to the Spence’s residence we have to have some game to play. This time we decided to play some old fashion bingo! with money of course. Overall it was a great night with great people, now I’m officially 29 and about to start planning that dirty 30 and I’m inviting everybody this time around. 

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