As some of you guys know, I celebrated my 29th birthday this past year (Dec. 24th). there was so much to do and right after my bday, of course, there was Christmas, which is why it took me so many weeks later to actually make this post.
I Had so much fun on my bday all my close friends and a few family members were able to make it, it was nothing big; if you know me I’m not so big on the birthday celebration, usually, I just chill or go out to eat. Shantel decided to throw this together and it turned out really great. Eat food did some dancing and my friends know that when you come to the Spence’s residence we have to have some game to play. This time we decided to play some old fashion bingo! with money of course. Overall it was a great night with great people, now I’m officially 29 and about to start planning that dirty 30 and I’m inviting everybody this time around. 



I could say I am a best seller, a Ceo an executive you name it, but I can't...? However, what I can say is, I am a father, husband, self-taught...

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