#1 On your Amazon Kindle

I think the easiest way to find your Kindle email address is to check it on your device (I assume you have Amazon Kindle with you, if not use other method). So open your Kindle, go to the home screen, tap three dots in the top-right corner:

Find Kindle email address

Then tap Settings from a menu list that appeared.

Amazon Kindle settings

Then tap the first option from the top My Account:

My Account settings

At the very bottom of the next screen, you will see Send-to-Kindle E-mail. This is the email you need to use when sending books to Kindle.

Send-to-Kindle E-mail

All you have to do is to send your file in the attachment to this address, and after a few minutes they will be automatically uploaded to your Kindle. You do not have to put anything in Subject or Body message. I think this is the fastest method to find Kindle email address.

#2 On Amazon website

OK, but perhaps you do not have your device with you and you still want to upload some files. It is possible to find this address on amazon website. Head to amazon website and add /myk to the address (so the whole url address for customers in the US will be , customers in the UK , customers in Germany and so on).

You will be asked to log into your Amazon account. Once you log on, click on the Settings tab on the right-hand side. You will find your Kindle email address in Personal Document Settings.

Amazon website

Click the link Personal Document Settings and you should see something similar to this:

Personal Document Settings

If you like me read e-books on multiple devices or on different Amazon Kindle apps, you will find multiple email addresses, each for the corresponding device or app. Use the address of the device you want to send your book to. That is all really, once you send an email with your document in the attachment to the correct address, the document will be uploaded to the device.

By the way, it might be a good idea to edit and change these email addresses to some more memorable ones. You can do it as well. Just click the Edit link in Actions column and type your new address.

That is really all the information you need to find Kindle email address and to transfer some files to the device. I use this option all the time and it works perfectly.

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The last 12.7 update is huge! And there’s been a lot of fuss about the latest 12.7 iTunes update. Looks like Apple is finally slowly, step by step is trying to make iTunes easier to use. This is a big step forward. New iTunes looks better and is way easier to navigate. So here’s a quick guide about how to get new ePub file to appear on the iBooks reader on iPad or iPhone.

Itunes | file sharing | epub to iphone wirelessly epub to iPhone with airdrop |  Email 

Method 1 — Drag epub files to iPhone directly.

Step 1open iTunes & plug in your iPhone.

If you are a Window user, you need to download the latest iTunes version to your computer first. If you are a Mac user, you need to update iTunes to the latest version. Then launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer via USB. Then you will see a device icon on iTunes, see the below picture.

connect iphone to itunes

Step 2click the iOS device icon, you make sure to go to Summary to check  Manually manage music and videos under Options. Then click Sync and Done button. It may take some time to sync the content from your iPhone to iTunes. So please wait patiently.

mannually manage music and videos

Step 3click Books in the left sidebar of iTunes. Then locate the epub files that you want to transfer to your iPhone. Last, drag and drop the epub books from your computer to iTunes. See the below picture.

drag epub to itunes

Step 4it may take some time to sync the epub files to your iPhone. After the synchronization you will see the epub files on the iBook reader on iPhone.

syncing books to iPhone

You may notice that now transferring epub files to iPhone with the latest iTunes version is way easier than before. 

Method 2 — File Sharing

Step 1open iTunes on your computer and plug in your iOS device. Then click the device icon on iTunes. 

Step 2click File Sharing in the left sidebar of iTunes. You will see a list of apps which allow you to transfer documents between your iPhone and this computer.

file sharing

Step 3add epub books to your preferred reader app which supports epub format files. Take ADE for example, you can transfer your epub files to iPhone by just dragging epub files to Digital Edition Document folder or clicking Add File to copy epub files to third party reader apps.

add epub file to ade

If you use method 1 to transfer epub files to iPhone, you can only read the epub files on iBook. But if you use method 2, you can use epub support third party apps to read the epub files. 

Method 3 — transfer epub to iPhone wirelessly

You can only use iTunes to transfer epub to iPhone wirelessly if you are using an old version iTunes(before the 12.7 version). If you are using to the latest version iTunes and want to transfer epub files to iPhone wirelessly, you need to uninstall the latest iTunes and install the old version iTunes.

Step 1for iTunes Wi-Fi sync, your iPhone needs to connect to Wi-Fi. At the same time, you need to go to Summary on iTunes to check Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi after plugging in your iPhone to your computer. Then click Apply. After that you can unplug your iPhone. You may need to restart your computer in order to sync your iPhone with iTunes. 

Note: you only need to plug in your iPhone once in order to check Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi function. So iTunes can sync with your iPhone over Wi-Fi automatically without connecting iPhone to your computer with USB cable next time.

sync with this iphone over wifi

Step 2add epub files to iTunes by clicking the small icon on the left upper corner of iTunes. Then click Add File to Library in the drop-down menu.

add file to library

Step 3after adding epubs to iTunes, you can sync the epub files to your iPhone. Click the Books in the left sidebar of iTunes. Then click Sync Books to choose whether you want to sync All books or only Selected books. Next check the books you want to sync to iPhone. Last, click Sync button to start syncing the checked books to iPhone. 

sync books and apply

It will pop up a window. You need to click Erase and Sync. Then iTunes will start looking for your iPhone. 

erase and sync
looking for iphone

It will take a bit long time to backing up the files if it’s your first time to transfer epub to iPhone wirelessly. But next time it will take no more than 3 minutes to transfer epub books to your iPhone. 

backing up

Copy epub to iPhone without iTunes

Method 1 — Transfer epub to iPhone with Airdrop

If you are using a Mac, you can use AirDrop to move epub file from Mac to iPhone, make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

1. Select Go in the menu bar and choose AirDrop in the list.

choose airdrop

2. On your iPhone, launch Control Center by swiping up from the bottom bezel of your iPhone, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirDrop.

turn on airdrop

3. Right click the epub book to share the book via Airdrop. Then click Accept on your iPhone. It will let you choose the app to open the epub file.

share with airdrop

Method 2 — Transfer epub to iPhone with Email

Simply attach your epub books to an email then send it to yourself. After that go to download the books from email to your iPhone. Then you can choose approximate apps to read epub files on iPhone. 

Method 3 — Transfer epub to iPhone with Dropbox

First of all, you need to register a Dropbox account on your computer and download a Dropbox app onto your iPhone and log in with the same account. Second, upload the DRM free epub books to Dropbox on your web. Then you can download the epub books in Dropbox on your iPhone. After download the epub books, you cna choose to open the files with all supported apps, like ADE, iBooks, etc.

Method 4 — Transfer epub to iPhone with Calibre

If you are ebook enthusiast, you may be familiar with Calibre. But many of you may don’t know the fact that Calibre allows you to download books in Calibre library at LAN(Local Area Network) by simply typing the server address and port on browser’s search bar on iPhone. 

Notice: your iPhone must connect to WiFi comes from the same server that you computer are using.

Step 1open Calibre on your computer, then add epub books to Calibre by simply dragging and dropping the epub files to Calibre or clicking Add books to epub files to Calibre library.

add epub to calibre1

Step 2click Connect/share icon on the tool bar. Then click Start Content Server in drop-down menu. Then click Connect/share icon again, you will get a website address.

start content server
copy address

Step 3type the address on iPhone browser’s search bar. Like the above image, you should type in the search bar. Then you will get all the books you have added to Calibre library earlier. Tap the one epub book cover and click the Download button to download this book.

calibre library
download epub

Step 4 after you download the epub file, it will ask you to open this book on iBooks or other epub support reader apps. 


After clicking on the file from your email you will get the prompt below, then you open in iBooks.

open epub with ibooks
open with other apps

Method 5 — Transfer epub to iPhone with Epubor

Epubor is the best eBook Manager for you to manage your eBooks from different sources. It can also transfer epub files to iPhone like Calibre. 

Step 1open Epubor and add epub files to Epubor library. There are three methods to add epub files to Epubor library. Besides dragging and dropping epub files to Epubor and clicking the Add button to add epub to Epubor, you can also move epub files from Calibre library, ADE and your kobo ereader to Epubor library directly. 

add epub to epubor

Step 2click TOOLBOX on the tool bar, then click Web Server and you’ll get the server address as well as the port. 

epubor lan address

Step 3as it is shown in the above image, you need to type on browser’s search bar on iPhone to download the epub files to your iPhone. 

epubor library on iphone

Step 4choose your preferred reader app to open the downloaded epub books on iPhone.


Even with little or no knowledge of computer or technical skills these methods are very straight forward and you should be able to add the desired book to your library.

No country uses a wider range of spices in its cuisine than India. Those spices give Indian food its distinctively complex fragrance and flavor, but they can seem like a bit of a hurdle for folks who haven’t cooked Indian food at home (like me). However the most common Indian spices can be found in grocery stores—the difference is how they’re combined and used in recipes. If you would like to learn more about Indian cuisine I recommend buying a cook book.

These are my top favorites whenever I’m having Indian food.

Indian Naan

Tandoori Chicken

Basmati Rice

Chicken Tikka Masala ❤️

Curry Chicken

They have a chunky look which is nothing like what I would be into. I Never thought I would say this, but I’m feeling this trend. I have been trying to find out when this trend started, unfortunately, no luck, because while searching online, I found that there are different dates and timelines as to when this actually became a thing. What we do know is that people have been rocking this since like forever, back then though, no one would want to be caught wearing one of these (were you one of those people, because I was surely one).? Migos, Asap Rocky and Kanye have been frequently spotted wearing dad sneakers, setting a trend that will stay strong for the whole  2018.

Oddly, what I found out about these “ugly sneakers,” also called “dad sneakers,” they don’t just look bulky because that’s the trend- these brands have actually done studies on its performances when rocking these ugly joints- yes they really do.

Often times these sneakers have double or triple soles, sounds familiar (see Balenciaga Triple S)? These extra soles give you the perk of looking a little taller, can’t be mad at that, and it helps walking smoothly without affecting too much of the back or the legs. 

“The dad sneakers for 2018  take us back to about 20 years ago when trainers had a cartoon-like design that imitated the look of video-games characters.”           Vogue Magazine

I am not able to remember the exact video games I was playing (only remember Mario Kart & Golden Eye; after a google search for video games in the late 90s, I was only able to find two that I feel was rocking the dad sneakers (Sonic The Hedgehog & Crash Bandicoot). Comment below and tell me what you think. 

I must admit it took a little time for me to see the statement that these shoes really give off, they are an acquired taste and definitely not for everyone. It is expected that these “statement pieces” will become more prominent over the next year. Comment below your Fave!

All-inclusive resorts are the all-time best when traveling, especially on a budget. The main thing about all-inclusive, as the name suggests, everything is included in the initial price you paid up front, that means you will not incur any additional cost for food, drinks, and entertainment. These 5 hotels, in the Caribbean and Mexico, are the best for those on a budget.

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1. Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort and Spa

Royalton Riviera Cancun is a modern luxury resort in the popular vacation destination of Cancun. This new-generation all-inclusive hotel offers discerning travelers a family-friendly vacation experience, where guests of all ages are captivated from morning to night. For families, an enormous on-site splash park supervised kid’s and teen’s clubs and non-motorized water sports ensure that afternoon is filled with unforgettable moments. For guests of any age, Royalton signature All-In Luxury® features bring Unlimited Reservation-Free Dining, modern upscale accommodations, All-In Connectivity™ with free high-speed Wi-Fi for all your devices, in-room Bluetooth speakers, and free calls to select countries.

2. Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana

Thrilling gaming action in the biggest and best casino in the Caribbean, exhilarating nightlife, tantalizing culinary options, state-of-the-art meeting facilities and rooms worth tweeting about, all infused with our legendary rock and roll vibe? Delivered. This is Hard Rock after all. The best All Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana.

3. Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa

The Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa is located beachfront on the breathtaking blue water of the northern Jamaica coast. Only 40 minutes from the Montego Bay airport, this brand new resort features modern design and luxurious facilities that are in perfect harmony with the spectacular, natural surroundings of this remarkable country. The resort shares facilities and services with the neighboring Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa. The facilities and services you’ll find at any of our Palladium Hotels & Resorts will make your stay an unforgettable experience: 24h reception, express check-out, ATM machine, wake up service, handicap facilities, currency exchange, laundry service*, WiFi internet access in lobby area, ice machines, beauty salon*, boutique*, non smoking lounge and doctor on call 24hrs*. There’s also a hospital closet to the complex* (40km), a car rental service*, horseback riding area* (10km) and first class golf course (10 Km).

4. Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

Majestic Colonial Punta Cana’s 658 rooms are furnished with quality materials and equipped with all the facilities you would expect from a five star resort: king size bed or two double beds depending on the room category (subject to availability), European marble floors, mini-bar restocked daily, complete bathroom with Jacuzzi, independent walk in shower with 3 functions (rain, massage, soft), hairdryer, air conditioning, ceiling fan, satellite TV, sofa, telephone, free Wi-Fi, bathrobe and slippers, independent door for room service, bottle of champagne upon arrival, safety deposit box, coffee machine, desk, iron and balcony or terrace with chairs.

5. Dream Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and Spa

Set along the sparkling Sea of Cortez, surrounded by eight championship golf courses, Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa is an AAA Four Diamond Resort that captures the beauty and elegance of traditional, colonial Mexican design. Go far beyond the all-inclusive experience with Unlimited-Luxury®, where nearly everything is included. The resort features 230 completely renovated suites, featuring rain showers and private balconies with breathtaking views. Enjoy the fitness center, Dreams Spa by Pevonia® and an Explorer’s Club for Kids. The resort features three swimming pools, including a new infinity pool, children’s pool, and an adults-only pool with two swim-up bars.

Traveling has become “a thing” today, and we all know that one friend on our Instagram timeline who takes more trips that you can dream about. Traveling can seem like an impossible luxury for us young adults. But with careful planning and research, your next trip could be more inexpensive than you think.

Create a Budget

The first step in this process is to create a budget, you must figure out how much you are willing to spend. When making the budget, keep in mind that there are other expenses beyond flights and hotels, these include entertainment, meals (if not all-inclusive) and shopping. Once the budget has been established, try saving some money from each paycheck until you reach your goal, says Jeana Salman, a CFP at Delta Community Credit Union.

You’ll enjoy your trip so much more if you can pay for it from savings instead of acquiring debt

Book Smart ??‍?

Booking smart is all about staying within your budget and book where you will not have to spend a penny over. I for one love to book all-inclusive hotel resorts, this is a very smart way of staying within your budget and still have a good time. Most all-inclusive hotels once you check in you pay nothing for the remainder of your stay.

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Be Flexible

Flexibility is essential when looking for inexpensive travel. Although you may want to travel at a certain time in the year, you have to be open to the reality that those dates may not work for your budget. Try to book travel during the off-season and on weekdays; according to travel research flights and hotel are cheapest when booked at these times.

1. No Pork for me ?

If you guess that I’m Jewish, then your wrong . I was raised as a Seventh-day Adventist which that is one of the many things I couldn’t eat as a SDA. Don’t get me wrong I have had pork before but this has got to be more than 20 years ago.

2. First Child to be a girl ??

Ever since I could remember I have always wanted my first child to be a girl. The truth behind that; “daddy’s girl” is a real thing. Girls are always closer to their father and I believe girls who have a really good relationship with their father tends to handle stress better. *, see reference here.

3. Always Wanted to be an Actor ?

Come on if you were an 80s baby like myself I’m sure you wanted to be an actor as well. I always saw myself as a funny person and always thought how cool it would be to start in my own sitcom.

4. Bought My first house before 30 ?

Three of my lifelong goals were to be married, have children and buy my first house at 30. As I’m writing this, I’m smiling, only because, writing this post it really just hit me that I have achieved all these goals already. I say this all the time that I love to inspire people in any way I can no matter what the situation is if I can do this no tell what you can do. 

5. Hate doing dishes ?

Please tell me I am not weird for this, I am declaring this once more… I HATE WASHING DISHES!

As some of you guys know, I celebrated my 29th birthday this past year (Dec. 24th). there was so much to do and right after my bday, of course, there was Christmas, which is why it took me so many weeks later to actually make this post.
I Had so much fun on my bday all my close friends and a few family members were able to make it, it was nothing big; if you know me I’m not so big on the birthday celebration, usually, I just chill or go out to eat. Shantel decided to throw this together and it turned out really great. Eat food did some dancing and my friends know that when you come to the Spence’s residence we have to have some game to play. This time we decided to play some old fashion bingo! with money of course. Overall it was a great night with great people, now I’m officially 29 and about to start planning that dirty 30 and I’m inviting everybody this time around. 


While Dubai was awesome, a family vacation to Jamaica (no weh like yaad)  was well needed! As you know school’s out and my wife and I wanted to do something for the children’s summer break. My daughter (Ja Naya) decided for our family vacation because she wanted to go back to Jamaica. This was our first time going on a family vacation with the entire family including my in-laws. Our vacation started off crazy with some hiccups at the airport (check my twitter feed), thankfully the universe was on our side.

The girls had a blast! Or in the word of my eldest baby girl( Janaya), it was awesome! Jhada was definitely living her best life; Janaya made a song from this. Jamaica could not have been better. They couldn’t get enough of the beach, pool, lazy river,  buffet, room service, jerk chicken, and numerous kids activities

must say This was a really (emphasis on really ) a great vacation! My wife by my side( love you times infinity ) my girls, and my family what more could I have asked for. I’ve decided to upload more photos and Videos than I do for each blog post in order to share the excitement and for the people in the back who hates reading. 




By now if your on my Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed, myself my wife and my travel buddies (Kerry, Jodes Boo, Baddie and Jrod) decided to fly across the Indian ocean ( we still haven’t been across the Pacific ?), to a destination I have been wanting to go since 2010. This trip was everything, our plan was to go to Dubai and live the Dubai lifestyle; the yacht, nightlife, the expensive cars, spending “Arab money” and of course experience the culture to the fullest. 

Our trip started off by visiting the Emirates mall which we did skiing and snowboarding, this was well needed because Dubai’s heat was no joke. Besides the fact that it was very hot we still managed to have a great time. On the second day, we went tot he Arabian Safari Desert where we rode the Dunes and got a full tour of the desert, rode the camel and ride ATVs. The next day,  we went skydiving which is a must do when you go to Dubai, nothing is more beautiful than overlooking one of the worlds best skylines according to Right after skydiving we rented a yacht (again experiencing the culture to the fullest) to continue our turn up; we sailed from the dock which was located right outside our hotel and we partied on the yacht for about 3-4hrs then we anchored for about 15 mins to take a swim and to view the skyline from the ocean. 

Following that day we decided to go purchase gold at the Gold Souk, this in itself was another experience, picture going to a flea market except here they sell pure gold and more gold. On that same day later that night we went to the Dubai Aquarium, which is located at the Dubai Mall ( Largest Mall in the World), we wanted to scuba dive with sharks but because of Dubai traffic we were late (but hey! everything happens for a reason).

We then decided to take it a little easy the following day where we went to Abu Dhabi (UAE Capital) to get a tour of the city and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is the largest mosque in the entire United Arab Emirates. This too is a must do when you get to UAE, it is a huge part of their culture and this means a lot to the people; so be mindful of what you say and also you will have to dress a certain way in order to enter into the mosque. We did a lot of activities in that short time and we enjoyed every bit of it. I promised myself that my blog post will not exceed 3 mins read so I have compiled a video of what we did while we were in Dubai enjoy!